POST – OP BLUES Two years post-op (5/11/2014 to 5/11/2016) Pain Journal Date written & published 9/09/2016.

Hello folks, comrades, fellow A C D F (Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion) patients, post or pre op.

Its been a long haul over the last 21 months. The immediate outcome of the operation was excellent I could actually have the use of my left arm and the left little finger and ring finger respectively which was a God Send, and we both congratulated my neurosurgeon and told everyone how impressed we were and such a relief, could actually have some of my independence back again, I was able to undo jars, pick up a mug of coffee without it slipping through my hands, with coffee everywhere etc…dressing myself being able to do simple things we all take for granted. Even though I still have problems in putting my socks on, my boots on mainly on the left side and arm, amongst others little things we would take for granted.

And, YES, it was the scariest thing I have ever had to endure it scared the shite out of me,and my darling hubby, God Bless. As I thought I wasn’t come back to my darling hubby and our gorgeous baby girl Daisy May puss cat  I would sob myself to sleep every night until the op, and yet, we had to wait 4 years for the operation, after my neurosurgeon found that my C5 was also prolapsed at Christmas 2012 and was put on another longer waiting list for a Double Level ACDF! But with the LORD with us every step of the way. We are so Thankful for you dear Lord you brought us as people, a couple, man and wife through this bad and trying times and made us stronger for sure. However We wouldn’t want to go through this again lol.

During this time through the healing months, the first 6 weeks having to keep my head in perfect position and held in position with a neck brace for the first six weeks to ensure the two replaced C5 & C6 discs, Carbon Fibre Cages with fragments of the prolapsed discs which were removed, the first 6 weeks was the most important time of healing process to allow the two cages to start fusing with C7 and C4 discs, and fuse together in the correct position. So it meant keeping head upright, still and neck straight. And, Not being able to drink from a normal mug or from a bottle of water, I had to have one of these hard plastic which had a straw attached into the lid so could drink from that all the time now and took alot of the stress and frustration most of the time, even though it took each day to be positive’ as having a positive mind-set will help with a speedy recovery and convalescence.💐🌷❤ My darling hubby was my “Rock” through all o this, we got through each day with a prayers and doing what we had to do each and every day. We were told by Sepahi, it would take at least a year plus for the discs to heal properly, maybe two years. We haven’t reached the full two years as yet. At present the brachilalgia has started up again so we may have to report back to our GP Dr Anna Sayeda. Soon before it gets to cold and damp over the Autumn and Winter months.😃☕💐💕xxx

As for sleep, I had to sleep either completely flat or sitting up against the wall. No sleep with the pain and the sweeping around both shoulders going into the neck completely swollen and extremely bruised.

Was told they had to go through several levels and were several rows of internal stitches. The incision was 2-3 three inches in length on the left side of my neck. They had to go in and move everything o the side, the muscles,tendons, the esophagus etc…to get to the spine and discs. We had already spent months preparing for this operation and stories it well, researched on you tube as well where we found to video of an American neurosurgeon performing the same operation and we found also many other, mainly women, who were sharing videos of their post op home care, after care we should have been told, and the emotional side of the operation, we both found inspiring and very helpful indeed. So I started making my own videos, Josh took the Nokia and started filming my post op progress and feeling etc..we posted up in Facebook and on our YouTube channel.

All my notes you will find here in my blog site to help others going into their own ACDF Journey. You can me anything of the operation before and after, if I can I will. Hold a hun and give a sisterly hugs. Thank you “Jacqui” for all you inspiration and Prayers 💕 xx

Meanwhile, the first year went well and my neck healed up extremely well and I still had 80% of my grip instead of 25%- 15% as before the operation. Mr Sepahi was extremely happy with my recovery and healing etc.Within the start of the next year being second year post op, even though the compressed C6 root nerve was released when the compressing prolapsed C4/5 & C5/6 were removed and nerve root adjusted accordingly. Knowing that the feeling would come back or may not. That I would still be able to experience the same Brachialgia down my left arm and hand as it was before the operation, but would not increase. Just as well really, but disappointed with the outcome as it looks fulltime. I still have that Brachialgia, drop my Samsung Tablet alot of the time, can only still carry one mug of coffee at one time not two, and fill dinner plate. Sometimes even an A4 sheet of paper slip through my finger like a knife through butter, is so distressing, not disorienting’ looking for the right word…I had the word but it’s gone for the now.

This is what the Heavy Meds does! I am still unable to use the hoover and lift anything heavy, I still feel in the back of my neck, which still swells up. The scar has still not disappeared, not that vanity be the case Not At All! But would have thought it would have gone by now. Here is still a lump under the scar and can still feel a nerve yeuck, shiver shiver. And the point that am till going trough the Brachialgia is still in flare up as with my Sciatica all down my left side and now more recently OA in my knees lol

After several post-op follow up appointments at the Wessex Neuro Unit at Southampton General with Mr Sepahi, Physio etc…Monthly GP appointments to review healing and recovery. Well, we are now 21 days Post-Op today with it sounds a long time but it is still the same. With the climate change and colder weather storming in bless. I have had to Accept the way it is and get o with each and every day. It gets mighty frustrating as one can imagine. Yes, this is the word I was looking for earlier lol. These meds mess with your concentration, great fatigue, some confusion and all. It sometimes feels that am not in control. But day to day is the only way can fight this and deal with each day as it come bless. It’s 07.46hrs already have been continuing my pain journal, as I have found a few people have either liked or regards to the posts have been putting up since 2010 and 2014. Have made a mug of milky decafe with honey. I still can’t sleep, with sleep deprivation big time. Well folks am gonna bring to a close for the now.

NOTES: I have completed an Allery List Medical and Non -Medical for future Reference…stored as pdf for medical and support team only!

This written by Elizabeth Christian…
Copyrighted (c) 9/09/2016 4.30am til 8am.



PAIN JOURNAL October, November & December 9/12/2013

Good Morning Folks, this early hours 05:36hrs Monday morning. Its a brisk cold morn and I have had to take double the amount of my new nerve block which extenduates my Amitriptyline. Having to take at least 6 to 9 over day and night. I was forced to come off Gabepentin which gave me the same adverse affects as Tramadol within a few doses as I did mention to my Pain Management Consultant Dr Aldlington. So finally, I had to come off the Gabepentin and put on to another drug called Pendepentin which acted very strange to start with. Oh my Lord, at first they made me dizzy, could not focus on anything, was nauseas, could not cope with them at all. But I gave them A couple more days grace to see if they actually well. When in fact they actually worked  and I then followed Dr Anna Sayeda’s instructions as for the previous Gabepentin. Dose: One capsule to be taken three times a day for a week.Then two capsules to be taken three times a day for second week and then 3 capsules to be taken three times s day for the third week and then let Dr Sayeda know how it is with this new nerve block.

PAIN JOURNAL V Continued from June 24th to August 2013

Dear Pain Journal,


Well, it is 3.34am this early hour Monday morning, just made hot chocolate and went to the bathroom it was not an easy task as it seems that either I have torn the muscles in my Lumbar C4/5 as my lumbar region is completely swollen with a pain score of about 8 out of 10 when I move position, which I have to do every 5 to 10 minutes if not less. The pain is deep, sharp and feels like I have been kicked like a mule ouch. I am unable to move on my own can log roll in just as much pain, and Josh has to help get up and walk me to the bathroom with very small shuffle. I hope that I have not caused a disc bulge again. 😦 Because the pain is just as bad when my lumbar back went in 2006. Which is not good at all. The pain killers etc… as only taking the edge of but particularly non-effective. I had to take an extra Gabapentin, earlier this Morning which had to because of the increased pain. The 25 microgram patches are jot as sticky as they were and thinner than they originally were, am having to take one off after 2nd day, because it goes all crispy and comes off, which is not very good at all which means I am using more and they are not working to their full dosage over 72hrs. I am going to have to say something to the pharmacy.

So is how it is at present and we are both concerned that more damage has been done and will have call out a GP for home visit tomorrow to check my lumbar back out to make sure that I have not done any further damage. Sleep deprivation is the problem due to the pain. One thing I also noticed earlier when I tried to open my bowels just after the film finished about 11, 30pm, but when I tried to push to open my bowels I could not feel myself pushing, I knew that I had a motion but could not feel it come out nor the muscles push. Which is not at all normal, that will have to be reported to my gp in the morning.

Meanwhile, we have to plan ahead to go in to town on Thursday. I have an eye test at 1.20pm, so we need to get everything done before. We will need to get off the bus, nearest to the train station, so we can book our train tickets for the 14th August when we have to go to Southampton to the courts for Josh’s appeal. At least we will have our tickets booked. Thank the Lord. So we can also pop in to the Births and Marriages Registry Building, to enquire about wedding costs etc…possibly about Christmas time? We will see. The Lord will guide us for sure. I Love You my Baby Joshua ♥♥♥xxxxxxxxx.

Meanwhile, is time for sleepies, its a long day tomorrow. So, here is a good night Journal until tomorrow. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday 5th August 2013


Josh has had to call the doctor surgery first thing for a  home visit for me, as I am unable to weight bear this morning. The pain score this morning is off the scale 9 out of 10. The pain is unbearable, is as bad as it was in 2006. I had have had to use two walking sticks in the flat to get to bathroom, with Josh’s guidance and help, thank the Lord. Trust the Lord to put me on my back. As for Satan, he can go back to where he comes from, cuz he ain’t gonna put me down. In Jesus name Amen.

The pain this morning is deep and very swollen at around L4/5 lumbar region, nerve pain in my buttocks and central, which goes down as far as my upper thigh to knee, and sharp pain when I move which radiates down into my buttocks and Lumbar region. I hope that I haven’t Herniated a disc at L4/5. Dr Foster Duty Dr today, rang me to talk to me for symptoms. and home visit late morning. Josh is an angel as is looking after me so well, thank you Lord. Last night before we settled for the night, about 11.30pm, I went to the bathroom, to open my bowels, before I had to insert a suppository. I felt to open my bowels, but as I tried to push I couldn’t feel myself push. I knew I had a motion, but could not feel it, which is not normal. But passing urine no problem at all. Can feel the nerve when I wipe myself, which raditates up through base of Lumbar. Have had frequent flatulance over last couple of days too. Have taken my normal meds: this mornong at 9.00am. 1x Mefenamic Acid 500g, 2x Co-codamol 530g, 1x Citalopram 20mg, 3x Amitrypiline 10mg, and 2nd of 25 microgram Fentanyl patch. Have been taking an extra Gabapentin on Sunday morning, and have had to imsert suppository twice, Saturday night and last night, Sunday night. 😦

Well it is 10.47am already, the pain relief has taken the edge off but when I move it is excruciating. Baby Girl Princess Daisy May, bless her, knows her mummy is in pain and she wants to help and stays with me snuggled up and comes up for cuddles, but it is when she tries to snuggle up to me or my legs it tightens the duvet and cases more pain, bless her. Hope the Doc comes soon, so we know what is happening in my Lumbar region. I am now worried that this could affect my chance of having ACDF sooner than later. Hopefully, this flare up in my Lumbar region will subside soon, God Bless. I hand my broken body up to you Lord for your healing Lord and place your best Angels around me and Josh and me, at each door, window of this flat and the whole building Lord. Keep Satan out stop anything or anyone that should not be here enter here. Lord I ask of you to guide us Lord as Josh to is in a lot of pain too in his legs, knees, and his back too Lord, guide and let us know you are with us dear Lord. I ask of you in you r name Jesus, AMEN.

Will report back later after Dr Foster has been…

Dr Foster came about 11.45 this morning, gave my full examination of Lumbar region and tested my nerves. Outcome being that I pushed through pain, and payback being muscles went into full spasm and locked. Dr Foster recommended the usual thongs to do, so we put hottie behind back and took extra Gabapentin, to sleep the pain off. Daisy May knows something wrong and staying by mummy. Josh brought laptop in to keep us company, as we do. Thank the Lord, it was nothing more serious, have got to be very careful, up to my operation. Will leave allotments til next week now. Rest and potter over the next couple of days, indeed. Time to go sleepies for a while. xxxxx

To Be Continued…laters…






Sunday 08/09/2013
Well it has been a very strange, stressful and anxious few months which has flown by already. I have had to use two walking sticks even down to the local shop now and then, when it flares up, and now the Fall is upon us the temps are starting to go down to 22.5C degrees after the 4 week heatwave this summer in Juky and August. Until the last week of August upto now, when its really kicking in. We are having to use heat pads, me more often that none I have to use one one my Lumbar region for the Sciatic Nerve pain and muscular pain in my lower lumbar, which I tuck into the inside of my knickers which heats up that area really well. I also use my Indigo Pashmina and put it out lengthways and stick a heat pad in the middle of the scarf and fold the edges of the scarf over the pad and place my scarf around my neck so that the pad is facing the back of my neck where the C5/6 are which are constanly swell up and dull ache pain like a corkscrew going through bone, I wouldn’t be surprised if my cervical and lumbar spine will become Arthretic at some point being 51 years of age, coming on 46 but my spine feels so much older. I am tring so hard to keep myself from not going into a wheelchair in my elder years.

We are still awaiting a groundfloor flat which would be a God Send indeed. But, the chance is very slim me thinks, but we never know what the Lord has in store for us. We will see what the future holds, what with ATOS/DWP/Jobcenterplus trying to throw the spanner in the works indeed, trying to strip us off our Sickness and Disability Benefits. But, we will fight all the way and ‘We are a force to be reckoned with’. I received my infamous ‘Brown Envelope’ which enclosed was the ESA form to be completed and sent by the 2nd September. This was the most humiliating experience and caused so much stress and anxiety. Living with Chronic Pain is bad enough but also becomes a Mental Health issue when stress and anxiety creep/in with a bout of depression sets in under duress.

With the Fall/upon us the cold is coming in at night and dampand windy weather and season are a changing and starts to cut into the damaged nerves and muscules. We look after each other and Princess Daisy May looks after US as with the Lord and the Holy Spirit keeps us all protected and guides us through these all so frequent testing times. But we have awesome news, we have decided to set the Date to get married on the 1st March 2014 which will be our 2 year Annivesary being together. So we will set the ball rolling by paying for our bands which is  £35.00 each we will have to go to our local Regestry Office in Winchester so we can go and find out all our details, and to set the date officially. We are so looking forward to. I Love You My Darling Joshua with All my Heart, Spirit and Soul. Through Sickness and Health, through Thick and Thin we are so blessed in every way dear and darling Joshua and our Princess Daisy May. PURRRRRRRFECCCCC ♥ ♥ ♥

As we still await the date for my pending major operation on my cervical spine to remove my C6 disc which is becoming frustrating as coping with every day living with chronic pain is waring and tiring anxiety comes a part of each day and even on the good days.  Even going up to see dearest friends our family Nick & Dave for 26 years plus…they live up the hill which has become harder and hareder to walk up without having to stop every few steps. So the only way can get up to Nicky and Dave is by Taxi. Whereas before it used to take me 10 – 15 minutes flat from Ocvtavia Hill along Cromwell and up Stanmore Lane, which is steeper than Romsey Road. But if I walk it now it takes a good half an hour just up the hill, even the short way, which is up the Valley to the Green and up the shortcutwhich takes us up to St. Luke’s Church, then uop the back way up to Wainfleet Place onto General Jonhson where Maureen and David live at the back of Nicky and Dave live, we usually walk up that way and back down which is the lesser of the two evils so to speak! And if I have to walk up the Wavell Way shops or up to Nick and dave I need to use two walking sticks, and even then still have to stop every so often, even though both sticks take the weight of lumbar and spreads evenly, biut I still feel it when I get back home. I usually have to take my medication, pain relief and nerve blocks which still only take the edge off.

Taking the amount of medication I have to take is enormous and have their own side effects which don’t help a lot of the time. But, I need to get through each day. I hate being like this as I have always been fiercly independant and very active, when I was auxilery nursing/caring on ward 24/7 and after working my then Three Organic Allotments, but these days. Things changed back in 2004 when I had my total ful Hysterectomy which buried a whole lot of Emotional Crap and Baggage. And from then onwards my Life Changed for the Better until my Back went on ward in front of my patients which for me was the was the end of my time within the NHS Trust in Winchester Hospital, my Back had had enoughand wore out physically, mental and on all levels. There is only so much your aching body can take and so m,uch of yourself tyou can give and be taken for granted. Even though I loved my Vocation and miss my patients and caring but I have found other ways to fullfil the role, by caring for my dear parents in some way in their need with Dementia God Bless. But it good to the point that I had to stand right back when our dear Maman hit rock bottom and was rushed into hospital, we alsomost lost our dear maman but the Lord said no it is not your time, Blessed be the Angels, Maman had been given a second chance and we were able to place maman into a lovely Care Residential Homewhich would make or break her. But it had the right effect as it totally made her, she came off the Alcohol and Stopped Smoking and is helping and caring for the elderly and infirmed in the Home bieng Valley Court in Chandlersford. Unfortunately we have not been able to get to see dear maman as yet as we have become more and more housebound being unable to get there as easily. We deffinately can’t afford a Taxi which is what is going to have to be. As travelling that far we would not be able to do, otherwise. So we hope when we get my DLA hopefully next week we can afford to get a taxi there and back,/as we still have Mums Big red Coat that she needs.The Taxi will cost at least about £25.00 plus. We would have to check with Wessex Taxis our usual taxi rank.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, we went up to see Nicky and Dave to dinner to catch up we haddn’t caught up for such a very long time, minths. Also to meet baby girl Lunny Luna’ Nicky and Dave’s new kitty, only a fews months old bless, we enjoyed so very much. We caught the taxi there and walked back the back way down the Valley, we got soaked indeed. Goty back/oin, changed and snuggled up and settled down for the night.

Well it is Sunday 8th September already and the chronic nerve pain is simmering at present but will have to do some dinner very shortly and  will have to pace this evening, we are having a Pot Roast Shoulder of Pork Hoisin Style so will be tasty and wholesome with lots of lovely healthy veghetables. I didn’t need to take my 3pm meds today which is awesome, so will take it easy. Josh has not been to bad either today. We put the heating on to 23C degrees earlier just to take the edge of the room. So until laters dear Journal woll put keyboard down. Blessings. Rainbow Warrior Lizzie, Joshua and our Princess Daisy May the end of my Pain Diary Today. God Bless in the name of Jesus AMEN.


Hello Good Folks, what a month it is, why is it always August and the moon has been full and powerful this month, bringing things to a head. Well this time it is my turn to feel the hand of austerity from this so-called government who have to date killed of over 10,600 sick and disabled people through their cruel and draconian welfare reforms and punishing the sick and disabled, but thats another story I will share later. But here and now the anxiety is kicking in more than usual, with receiving a letter from the dreaded ATOS so-called IT firm who call themselves ‘Heathcare Professionals’ notifying me that my Long-Term Incapacity Benefit is changing to ESA. Which has included the form ESA50 1/13 which has to be completed and sent by 2nd Semptember 2013. And I thought the DLA form was a nightmare to complete, how wrong was I indeed, so much so, that they have completely revamped and changed the form and some of the  questions I would question, as an ex-carer worker within the Winchester & Eastleigh NHS Healthcare Trust for 7 years before my Lumbar disc and Sciatic nerve went and took me down with it after 5x nights and two 14hrs Day shifts straight, in October 2006. And thats when it all started, then after 4 years later of intensive and extensive physio and hydro therapy, traction, an epidural and changes pain management course with my physiotherapist, psychologist, occupational therapist. 

When in May 2010 they found that after severe to chronic symptons and x-rays, nerve conduction test, MRI and CT SCAN, and two C5/6 and C6 Root Nerve Blocks Injections which were diagnostic, pain relief, pre-op guidance and management. It has now come at long last after everything done todate to try to make this better. My Neurosurgeon has finally sgreed to place me on his waiting list for a major operation to remove my C6 disc in my cervical spine in my neck. The operation is called an ACDF with Graft which is an Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion eith Graft. And is n8t pretty and for anyone habing this operation, it is extremely painful, but, the job needs to be done, and through all the ladies I have especially followed and sourced following their ACDF Journey & Experiences through this long journey.

But what I don’t need is the DWP giving with one hand the DLA I desperately need for costs of alot of my non-clinical aids and help that I need that the Social Services won’t provide anylonger due to the likes of MR IDS, GEORGE OSBOURNE, and PM MR CAMERON, who in a nutshell don’t give ATOS, excuse the pun, but is the truth of the matter. And this dreaded form ESA50 which has no intention of changing one benefit at all, as the questions are specifically geared up to strip you off your sickness and disability benefits and force you back into work, when you are clearly unable to do any kind of work, due to chronic illness or disability, backed up by your GP, Consultants, Specialists, Physio and Occupational therapists. So where does one start indeed?

Firstly, the stress and anxiety caused by this is immense and the fear that any decision that is made out your control could hinder the very operation I need to relieve the chronic pain in my cervical and lumbar spine. As living with chronic pain comes mental health problems which go hand in hand and do not help the natural healing of the body and causes significant chronic pain, which makes to the pain so much worse.

Josh has found letters written to MR A. NADAR SEPAHI, and earlier entrites in my previous pain journal in 2011, that I rewtiting and addressed to my Pain Journal.

Wednesday 18th April 2011. (Winchester)

Dear Pain Jourmal,
It is now April already, my last entry to my Pain Jourmal was in February 2012. No change really since then, other from increasing nerve pain in my neck, and down my left arn and hand, being ring finger and little finger respectively.

My to have a qood C4/5 C5 still chronic pain and nerve pain and the swelling. I have had to see my GP Dr Anna Sayeda to increase my Amitriptyline and go back on the Fentanyl patches 12 micrograms and still No follow up appointment. Re: Injections on the 19th October 2011. After ringing Alexandra on the 13th February 2011, after enquiring after a follow up appointment which should have been already. Which has still not come through and how much longer do I have to wait and how much pain do I have to endure is worsening day by day, and the physio is not helping me at all. As I was told by my physio therapists who told me, that the only three exercises they can give me to build up my core muscles in my neck. Which I do on a daily basis, as pain allows.

Are the only excersises they can give me, as basically a medical and surgical issue and that no physio can help until after the operation ACDF With Graft. The ohysio is
Is not going to help much at all. My mood is Low with very high anxiety, as the extreme changes, the cold and damp weather will affect my cervical spine and severe nerve damage, with 7ncreasing pain further, unable to sleep and when I do mamage to sleep, I have nightmares and hallucinations due to the very unhappy drug I am having to take, especially due to the increased meds, and especially Amitriptyline that needs to be reviewded re addressed by my GP or Consultant.

After ringing ringing Alexandra yet all I seem to do is to chase, chase and chase. GRRRRRR.

Hopefully, let something to be done as I also have severe for sciatica which has flared up over the last week or two ago, which does not help at all.

Monday 30th January 2011. (Phone call to Alexandra MR A. NADAR SEPAHI Secretary)

Dear Pian Journal, and to Mr Sepahi,
I am writing as I have had to ring Alexandra your secretary today to follw up and up date you to and review my circumstances with my Lower Back, Lumbar Discs, Sciatica and Cervical Spine. Since my Nerve Root Injection I had on the 17th October 2011 at Southampton Neurological Outpatients (Radiologists) Radiology Department. Where I received and underwent Two Nerve Root Block Injections Left C5/6. When I was given 1.5mls Marcaine. 0.5% and 40mg Kenalog inserted. Puncturesite clean and dry, no evidence of Heamaoma. Observation, satisfactory. Bedrest 1 hour plus hospital transport, my freind came with me, thank the Lord, AMEN.

Radiology Consultant Dr Sampson.

Managemant Plan, Recomendation and self care Instructions:

Rest for remainerof the day, mo heavy lifting, strenuous exercise or driving for 48hours. Local anathethic will wear off over 48 hours and steroid may take up to 2/3 weeks to be fully effective, * Keep A Pain Dairy)* .

Okay, the influjection worked for a short time as when the anesthesia wore off, it worked for a while, for approximately 5 weeks or so. Then I started to get nerve pain back on my neck C5/6 and down my left forearm, having partial sensations in my fongers and forearm and weakness. I started getting nerve pain mid- November to late November (approx: 5 weeks from injection). I saw my GP Dr Anna Sayeda on 13th December 2011 at 10.00am Winchester. To let her know that I had the injections. We discussed my Analgesia and we dicided that we would start to wean me off the Fentanyl patches. (With two boxes og 12 and 5 x 25micrhram patches remaining) to use if required.

25th & 26th November 2011. Derby.
After I fell out of bed at a freinds place in Derby, whichjolted my neck badly and loeer back discs. I had to go to Derby A&E, this was in the early hours of 26th November (fell out of bed early hours 25th November at 6am. I was taken to the ‘Walk in Centre’, Alvaston, and further reffered to A& E Derby, so I was taken over to A&E later that evening about 21.30hrs to 3am). I was given 5mls Diamorphine, had a collar placed around my neck and taken to X-RAY and had 5 x’rays. Disnosis was that I had badly jolted my neck and lower back and discs, and told to rest and pain relief. No further damage done, as far as I knew. Thank the LORD, AMEN

Since then chronic nerve pain in my neck C5/6 was very tender and swollen, had to repeat prescription for Fentanyl patches when in Winchester, for chronic lower back pain and cervical spine pain. Radiating when I try to put head back and nerve pain down my forearm and fingers (little finger and ring finger). I used all remaining already prescribed Fentanyl patches upto 1at week of January). I travelled back by coach to Winchester, bad and rough journey and had to dose myself up and had to report the drivers. Caused severe pain chronic pain for a week plus when I got back and bad sciatica. Rested when with heat teatment, rest and sleep, with Heavy Analgesia.

25th December 2011.

I fell out of bed again, this time my own bed at home in Winchester while my freind was staying at mine for the Christmas holiday. I rang NHS Direct, just rested and pain relief. These darn dreams of mine and Amitriptyline!! They are too vivid and physical movement in dreams. Okay, so next.. Still no let up with Chronic Nerve Pain all down my left side, with lower back badly bruised discs and cervical discs sore, tender and swelling. Pain increasing on every movement slowing because of pain and becoming ever more fatihued and low with Chronic pain nerve pain. 😦

The second time I fell out of ned was approximately 2/3 weeks later whem my friend who stayed at mine the last time whixh mist have been 22nd to 28th December 2011. Between Christmas and New Year before we both went baxk to Derby. It was Christamas night I fell out of bed, or should I say rolled out of bed about 2.1/2 feet to 3 foot drop lixkily softened landing as I woke up some hours afyer landing akwardly between the bed qnd wardrobe with my head and neck on the chair with my baxk twisted qkwardly. I had to be taken to A&E next night, early hours. The paramedics were called and an Ambulance, another collar! I remember because I fell our of bed and landed so akwardly between bed and wardrobe, I felt pain when I came to, woke out of dreamstate and woke up my friend.

When the ambulance crew didn’t put around my neck, they wheeled me im a chair into A&E from the ambulance, I was very worried by then, and concerned with falling so many times and causing more damage to discs God Bless.

However, the doc’s on A&E weren’t happy at the ambulance crew for not putting a collar around my neck when bringing me in. Thankfully got back home safely early hours about 1 to 2am. Back to bed amd complete rest. After further x-rays, Diamorphine. Bedrest and Analgesia.

December/Jan 2011 Derby.
Since then I have experienced further and constant chronic Nerve pain and swelling in my neck at C5/6, and Sciatica worsening and lumbar disc pain. With Nerve pain from head, neck, left arm, down left leg from lumbar sciatica.

12th to 20th January 2012 My last stay in Derby.

The third and forth time I fell put of bed at my friends place, aboit 3foot fall but was thankfully cusioned by the duvet. I didn’t call the NHS Direct, just rested and heavy meds and analgesia. But the nerve pain became worse still and increasing.still. About two weeks before traveling back to Winchester. Had to see a doctor at Charwood due to ‘Shingles’. I was worried as I had never had this before and it was the extreme stress which had caused this for sure. I had to amend my coach to return back home from the 12th January 2012 to 20th January due to the shingles treatment and chronic nerve pain and lower pain and dics from head, neck down arm, sciaticdown left leg.

Returned 20th Jamuary 2012.

To date, I arrived back in Winchester on 20th Janiary In full sciatic flare up. Since then the weather has turned cold and freezing at night. With constant chronic sciatica down left leg, very jumpy cannot sleep at night, not able to ait, lay for any length of time. Totally dose myself up am on 8 Amitriptyline oer day being night over night. Coupledwith pure nerve pain from my neck C5/C6, radiating when I put my head back attempt to. And down my left arm/forearm with partial sensations in little finger and ring finger, which are painful with nerve pain. The cold is hetting into my nerves and feels like corkscrew going through bone OUCH!! Constant nerve pain score is 6/10 with full analgesia, full doses of all the meds. I rang Alexandra yesterday afternoon. Had an appointment with my GP on Thursday 2nd February at 9.50hrs.

20th January to Tuesday 31st January 2012.

I have relayed all that has happened as above and Alexandra has made note of these experiences that will be put up on Mr Sepahi’s computer or desk for when he gets back from his Convention on the day I get bqck from Doc appointment. So, now I await a follow up appointment, Alexandra did say she had just recieved the results from my Nerve Root Injections.

2nd February 2012 Dr Sayeda Appointment Thursday.

Meanwhile, each day as ot comes. Heat treatment, rest when can have been out to shop to pay bills and wqlk when I can. Yet, still no sleep, RESTLESS, JUMPING LEG, NERVE SCIATIC PAIN. Down arm as well which is proving to be a pain too. I need to get pain inder control more Fentanyl patches required. Using heat, Hot water bottle, bean bag foe neck, Tiher Balm on Neck C5/6, neck shoulders and lower back. Also await physio 7th February. Went to appointment was so hlad to see Dr Sayeda on Thirsday 2nd February, went through summary of pain diary that I have been keeping amd relayed and emphasised to Alexandra. Alex said that she would put a copy of the notes on his desk on the day Mr Sepahi was baxk in hos office being today. And to await a follow ip appointment, as soon as possible.



Hello Everyone, today was the day of my final MRI scan examination before my pending operation. So this morning was up and early bird, a beautiful sunny day and am good enough to walk to the hospital, which is  about half a mile, but it takes us a good 45 to 50 minutes taking our time. We have been waiting for this day to come time since the22nd July 2013, and we have been ready and packed too. The blue floral holdall on wheels, being the option. I wore my Italian leather slingbacks today which are a lot more comfy with my pink and yellow bagpuss ankle socks on, yea!.

We had the holdall case on wheels packed, as we needed my blue and white button up front night shirt and soft violet fluffy dressing gown. We took my pink crocks too in case I would need some thing comfy on my feet whilst there.

We got to the X-RAY/MRI Department just about 10.55am so that was good timing for my 11am appointment. We sat waiting in the new department, and the sky news was on, which whiled away the minutes to over our time. The desk clerk asked to see my appointment form again to check the time and looked again on her appointment sheet, but couldn’t find my appointment, so she called the radiologist to check the appointments, and it appeared that someone had double-booked me. That someone had cancelled my appointment without letting anyone know, myself included, they were very apologetic bless.

I handed over the questionnaire and appointment letter to be checked in. Due to the mixed up appointments the radiologist checked her list and asked if we would mind waiting until 12.00noon midday, it was by then at least 11.15am, so we said we didn’t mind at all. So we popped to their canteen downstairs which was Costa’s for a drink. We sat by the window, Josh had a seven up and I had a Massimo Cappachino, we sat down for about 25 minutes and got back to MRI scanning department, by then Josh’s knees we very painful and starting to get wobbly and buckling  under him, bless you honey, hang in there. My neck at my C5/6 had starting to become very densely painful and become swollen again severe nerve pain. We got back to the MRI department, and I was nearly to the point we to leave and make another appointment, but just as we sat down, I was called, Praise the Lord ! Miss Elizabeth Feeney. We were greeted by another lady radiologist who showed us to the changing cubical and she kindly showed us were everything that I needed to take with me to MRI scan room. Josh waited in the waiting area and looked after everything as we were informed that we were not to leave any valuables etc.

They called me in to MRI suite and had to put my neck brace and glasses down outside the room. She made sure I was comfy as I could be on the hard surface of the MRI table. She handed me the emergency buzzer and covered my feet with my dressing gown and placed a big headset over my head and ears, so I could listen to some Classical music which would help to drown out the horrendous noise of the MRI scanner, and it was noisy for the full 20 to 30 minutes. It went quite quickly. Josh had spoken to four other patients whilst he was waiting and praying to our LORD, in Jesus name AMEN ♥  🙂

After the scanner finished and the radiologist helped me off the MRI table and put my dressing gown back on. I thanked her so much for fitting me in today, and she also apologised again bless her for the misunderstanding of appointment. All was good. Went back to the changing cubicle and was starting to feel quite wobbly, giddy, dizziness and some nausea I had to sit down and called Josh who came and cuddles and let my rest a bit before getting dressed again. We thought it would be wise to catch a taxi to get home.

However, I managed to get partly dressed and left my night shirt on and put jumper on top and left crocks on which were more comfy,  I didn’t feel safe, every step we took was like walking with concussion, but wasn’t God Bless, just kept asking the Lord to get us home safely and place the angels around us both. We got to the main MRI waiting room and Josh had to sit me down before I collapsed, I have never felt so bad after an MRI scan before. We reckon the MRI scan must have affected the nerves in my neck and back, I  am not sure, I will have to look out and do a search for any effects caused by MRI scan.

We made our way back to the main entrance of the hospital and I tried to call for a taxi on my mobile, but we could not get through, several times. So, we took a very slow walk back home, luckily it was such a beautiful warm sunny day, praise the Lord.  We eventually got home, kicked of our shoes, made a hot chocolate and went to bed and slept for the rest of the afternoon. 

So, now we wait for MR A . NADAR SEPAHI, to look at the results of the MRI scan, and God Willing we should or could have a date for my op ACDF with Graft within the next 2/3 months. It is now in the hands of the Lord, all we can do now is to prepare ourselves and pack the suitcase/overnight bag.

DAISY MAY our princess was waiting for us when we got home and missed us just as much, we all had cuddles and sleepies. PRAISE THE LORD, AMEN♥ ♥ ♥